Our Rates

2015-2016 A.C. RATES


Half Day Inshore                $500.00

Full Day Inshore                 $900.00   Blackfish/Flounder/Seabass

Full Tide Bass Fishing         $650.00   live bait

Shark Fishing                       $1400.00 all tackle, bait & Chum included

Tuna Fishing                        **Cost dependent on distance**

Blackfish trips                      $900.00 all lead, tackle & crabs – white/green included

Seabass/ Cod                       $900.00 all lead, tackle & bait included

Croaker/Spot                      $100.00 per person – 5/6 hours

Tile Fish                                 $400.00 per person

 No Smartphones or GPS


We now gladly accept all major credit cards.


Half Day Inshore

These 5 hour trips are run inside Jamaica Bay targeting Striped Bass or Fluke. These trips are great starters for kids and for new anglers due to the entire trip remaining in the calm waters of Jamaica Bay.

Full Day Inshore

These 9 to 10 hour trips are run inside of Jamaica Bay and or in the ocean area typically referred to as the New York Bight. These trips can target ocean Fluke, Porgies, Seabass, Blackfish, Cod, Ling and Striped bass or a combination there of depending on season.

Full Tide Night Striped Bass

These 6 to 7 hour trips will target Striped bass when in season and will utilize fresh and or live baits to maximize results.

Winter Cod Fishing

These 10 hour trips will target Atlantic Cod and secondly it’s cousin the Red Hake. These trips will typically fish wrecks, rockpiles and special pieces of structure within 20 miles of Rockaway Inlet. Fresh skimmer clams and clam chum will be utilized for maximum results.

Offshore Cod Fishing

These 12 hour trips are marathons that will leave early and comeback late. These trips will be fishing deepwater wrecks that are seldom visited by day fishing boats. Fresh Skimmer clams and clam chum will be utilized for maximun results.

Shark Fishing

These trips will target Mako and Thresher sharks. We will utilize all tackle, baits and chum needed to get a trophy in the boat for our customers.

Tuna Fishing: *Cost varies on distance*

Whether day time trolling, jigging or overnight chunking in the Hudson canyon we can and will do it all to catch a trophy for you.

* Unfortunately we have to raise prices for 2013 based on the costs of petroleum. We regret having to pass this along to our customers and hope that when fuel costs moderate we will be able to pass this savings onto our passengers.